NodeFly - Providing real-time monitoring across cloud instances

  • Fast Set up - One line install so you can be monitoring in literally seconds
  • Unified Dashboard - Visualize all your data in one location
  • Supporting multiple clouds + physical hardware
  • Monitor what is important to ensure applications stay up and running
  • Gain real-time insight into capacity utilization and instantly see how changing usage affects performance
  • Ensure instances aren't over or underutilized
  • Dig deep into you services layer to optimize your app performance

Simplicity is the key. NodeFly has developed "active discovery" which will proactively find and setup monitors for all of your available services.

We allow our users to gain detailed, real-time performance monitoring of cloud and application services so they can see everything that is happening, as it happens. From understanding system usage at every moment in time to uncovering and resolving issues within the application as they arise.

NodeFly makes adding servers from any of our 8 supported clouds takes seconds. All you do is add your API details and we pull all your details for you. Adding physical servers is also a snap; just install the NodeFly Agent.