ab benchmark and chart

apache benchmart又稱ab benchmark
# ab
ab: wrong number of arguments
Usage: ab [options] [http[s]://]hostname[:port]/path
Options are:
    -n requests     Number of requests to perform
    -c concurrency  Number of multiple requests to make
    -t timelimit    Seconds to max. wait for responses
    -b windowsize   Size of TCP send/receive buffer, in bytes
    -p postfile     File containing data to POST. Remember also to set -T
    -u putfile      File containing data to PUT. Remember also to set -T
    -T content-type Content-type header for POSTing, eg.
                    Default is 'text/plain'
    -v verbosity    How much troubleshooting info to print
    -w              Print out results in HTML tables
    -i              Use HEAD instead of GET
    -x attributes   String to insert as table attributes
    -y attributes   String to insert as tr attributes
    -z attributes   String to insert as td or th attributes
    -C attribute    Add cookie, eg. 'Apache=1234. (repeatable)
    -H attribute    Add Arbitrary header line, eg. 'Accept-Encoding: gzip'
                    Inserted after all normal header lines. (repeatable)
    -A attribute    Add Basic WWW Authentication, the attributes
                    are a colon separated username and password.
    -P attribute    Add Basic Proxy Authentication, the attributes
                    are a colon separated username and password.
    -X proxy:port   Proxyserver and port number to use
    -V              Print version number and exit
    -k              Use HTTP KeepAlive feature
    -d              Do not show percentiles served table.
    -S              Do not show confidence estimators and warnings.
    -g filename     Output collected data to gnuplot format file.
    -e filename     Output CSV file with percentages served
    -r              Don't exit on socket receive errors.
    -h              Display usage information (this message)
    -Z ciphersuite  Specify SSL/TLS cipher suite (See openssl ciphers)
    -f protocol     Specify SSL/TLS protocol (SSL2, SSL3, TLS1, or ALL)

# gnuplot 
        G N U P L O T
        Version 4.4 patchlevel 3
        last modified March 2011
        System: SunOS 5.11
        Copyright (C) 1986-1993, 1998, 2004, 2007-2010
        Thomas Williams, Colin Kelley and many others
        gnuplot home:     http://www.gnuplot.info
        faq, bugs, etc:   type "help seeking-assistance"
        immediate help:   type "help"
        plot window:      hit 'h'
Terminal type set to 'unknown'

gnuplot> set terminal png
Terminal type set to 'png'
Could not find/open font when opening font "arial", using internal non-scalable font
Options are 'nocrop medium size 640,480 '
gnuplot> set output "ApacheBenchmarkResults.png" (設定圖片名稱)
gnuplot> set title "Benchmark from Server X"
gnuplot> set size 1,0.5
gnuplot> set key left top
gnuplot> set xlabel 'request'
gnuplot> set ylabel 'ms'
gnuplot> plot "out.dat"  using 10 with lines title 'Benchmark from Server X'  (這句是真正產圖的重點)
gnuplot> exit (離開)

set terminal png
set output "ApacheBenchmarkResults.png"
set title "Benchmark from Server X"
set size 1,0.5
set key left top
set xlabel 'request'
set ylabel 'ms'
plot "out.dat"  using 9 smooth sbezier with lines title "nodejs"




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